Austen Riggs

Address: 25 Main Street, Stockbridge, MA 01262
Phone: 1-800-51-RIGGS

Contact person: Suzanne Dewey

    About Austen Riggs
    Many individuals struggling with psychiatric problems can find themselves caught up in treatments characterized by chronic crisis management and frequent short-term hospitalizations. Riggs helps individuals in such a struggle learn enough about themselves and their relationships to return to more productive treatments and more fulfilling engagement with others in their outside lives.

    Riggs offers longer-term residential and hospital-level psychiatric treatment in an open setting. With this freedom comes responsibility and an expectation that patients will take authority for their own treatment. Riggs' unique approach is centered around a therapeutic community, based on the notion of examined living. The careful exploration of difficult life experiences has the best chance of success if patients are invited to share their strengths with each other and staff in a serious partnership of mutual problem solving and social learning.

    About Our Patients

    Riggs treats about 70 patients over age 18 who struggle with difficulties that include PTSD, mood and anxiety disorders, substance use and eating disorders. On average, Riggs patients have six different diagnoses. Most patients have treatment resistant mood disorders (major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder) while at the same time meeting diagnostic criteria for other illnesses.
    Cost:  Cost ranges from over $1,000/day to $180/day for aftercare.  Prepayment required.  Rate reductions based on financial circumstances are offered. 

    Services and Special Capabilities

    • Intensive psychotherapy and medication management
      Four-times-weekly psychodynamic psychotherapy with a doctoral level psychologist or psychiatrist, along with medication management.
    • A therapeutic community environment
      Through personal, social, ethical and organizational learning, the therapeutic community offers patients an opportunity to develop their full voice as individuals and citizens.
    • Continuum of care From hospital to residential to supervised and unsupervised apartment living, Riggs provides continuity of care with the same psychotherapist, psychopharmacologist, social worker, and interdisciplinary team through various levels of treatment and living arrangements.
    • Activities Program
       Unique, interpretation-free Activities Program includes a preschool, where patients work as teachers' aides; a greenhouse and garden ceramics, fiber arts, woodworking and painting; and a community theater.