Institute of Living - Eli's Retreat
Address: 400 Washington Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106
Phone: (860) 545-7059, Fax: (860) 545-7558

Contact: Art Guerra

Eli's Retreat is a 13-bed residence, on the grounds of The Institute of Living, for adults experiencing emotional illness.  Some residents live at the program for a year or more; others will transition more quickly to less structured programs or to independent living.  The program philosophy is to provide a safe, structured, living environment and to help clients improve, or at least maintain, their level of functioning.

Each resident will develop an individualized service plan to focus on short and long-term goals.  Goals will focus on helping the resident master the skills necessary to fulfill his or her hopes and plans for the future.  Formal and informal therapeutic interventions will be used.  The program staff will facilitate the acquisition of social skills and interpersonal awareness during the course of normal household activities.   Community meetings, small group and 1:1 activities will also take place.   Avocational interests will be encouraged through social activities within the facility, as well as at off premises recreational activities.  The staff will work with residents to develop essential life skills such as meal planning, safe use of household appliances, and money management.  Staff will also help clients learn the public transportation system and orient them to the neighborhood.

Staff will work closely with others involved in clients’ treatment.  With residents’ approval, staff will also communicate regularly with families, and when appropriate, coordinate treatment team meetings with families.  Staff are also a resource to assist residents with applications for social service benefits.  Every effort will be made to attend to the resident’s physical health needs via nearby medical offices and ensure that all necessary psychiatric interventions are considered.  The program will develop and enhance an individual’s strengths in a living environment that is structured and safe.