Hundred Acre Homestead

Address: 171 Gould Hill Rd., Worcester, VT 05682
Phone: (802) 223-9122

Contact: Laure Murphy -Admissions Manager or Deborah Betts- Director

Hundred Acre Homestead was designed to meet the unique needs of individuals who are invested in the restoration of their mental and emotional health, with the desire to return to a normal life.

We are a homestead, not a facility. Our small, structured family environment provides keen awareness, close attention and individualized care. The Homestead program is built on a foundation that supports long term wellness through a series of carefully chosen, carefully implemented healing steps that are directly connected to the six components of the program: the mind, the body, the spirit, interdependence, independence, and celebration.

The Homestead’s healing steps for recovery are enhanced through daily practice with an emphasis on:

  • Practice of life skills: self-care and personal hygiene
  • Cultivation of insight, reflection, and self-awareness
  • Creativity and self-expression through art and music
  • Meditation; yoga; journaling; exercise; and an organic, whole food diet
  • Identification/ management of triggers and symptoms
  • Releasing old habits/ patterns and replacing them with healthy alternatives
  • Learning the effects that behaviors have on oneself and others
  • Managing idle time creatively
  • Clinical therapy on or off the premises
  • Volunteer work and service in the greater community
  • Developing responsibility and accountability/fiscal management and organizational skills
  • Organic gardening and animal husbandry
  • Fostering trusting relationships with staff members and peers


Hundred Acre Homestead nurtures positive feelings and attitudes that stimulate personal growth through invaluable opportunities while developing a stronger sense of self and purpose.