The Menninger Clinic

Address:12301 S. Main St., Houston, TX 77035
Phone: (800) 351-9058, Fax: (713) 275-5102

Contact: Stephanie Cunningham

The Menninger difference

Our diagnostic and specialty hospital treatment programs address the patient’s full range of needs. Treatment teams focus on understanding each patient in the context of their medical, psychological and social-family needs and creating a comprehensive course of treatment for the patient. Perspectives of all the mental health professions on our treatment teams ensure an effective therapeutic experience. Patients collaborate with their clinical team in setting goals for treatment. With diagnostic findings and goals in mind, the team develops treatment solutions for stabilizing and managing symptoms, healing and enriching the patient’s quality of life.

The Menninger approach emphasizes:

Thorough evaluation and diagnosis designed for patients with co-occurring disorders and long-standing symptoms

Integrated medical, behavioral, social and psychological treatments

Specialized therapy groups

Individual therapy

Relapse prevention strategies

Skill building to manage leisure time and relationships

Family involvement and support

Education about treatments and symptom management

Support from peers facing similar issues

Mutual respect between patients and staff

Families and referring professionals are important partners in treatment. Our staff ensures that families, as well as referring professionals, receive ongoing communication. Treatment teams also make arrangements for after care to help patients make a favorable transition from Menninger to their community. Family members have the opportunity to learn about treatments and develop interpersonal skills that can benefit their loved one at home.

Menninger offers five specialty inpatient programs: Adolescent Assessment and Treatment Program; Compass Young Adult Program; Hope Adult Program; Professionals in Crisis Program; and Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment and Stabilization Program. In addition, Menninger offers an addiction track for those patients who also have substance abuse issues and an eating disorder track for patients who need support to contain eating-disordered behaviors while hospitalized for treatment of other psychiatric disorders.