Using Our Directory

Our Directory of Residential Programs offers you information and options.

The Directory lists more than 30 member facilities in alphabetical order and links you to each program’s web site for detailed information.  All ARTA programs meet specific criteria for membership, and each one has been operating for a minimum of two years.

Before you invest time looking  . . . It is important that you know that most – though not all -- of the programs listed in our directory are not covered by private or public (Medicare, Medicaid) health insurance. As a result, most are self-pay. If paying out of pocket will be difficult for the family, here are resources for finding treatment services more likely to be covered by private or public health insurance; in some cases, these services might even be offered free.

  • Contact your state’s chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI.  National web site:
  • Contact your community mental health center for additional referrals.  

How to get the most benefit from our Directory of Programs

Being presented with a large amount of information can be overwhelming. What’s more, if you are not a mental health professional, you may feel a bit out of your depth as you read dozens of program descriptions.  What should you be looking for? Which features are important – which are less so? How do you know what is best for your loved one? How much involvement should the person participating in the program have in the search – and ultimate decision?

To help you use our Directory to find the best program for yourself or a loved one, ARTA mental health experts offer you comprehensive, step-by-step guidance in an easy-to-understand article called “How to Make the Best Match.”  To start reading, simply click here. You can also access the article on our Home page by clicking Making the Best Match on the top bar, or ARTICLE: “Making the Best Match” on the left.

We urge you to read “Making the Best Match” before scanning the ARTA Directory. 


What if the right program for you is listed last?
Do yourself a favor . . . scroll all the way down to know all your options. Our Directory lists facilities in alphabetical order. This means that their position in the list does not in any way reflect quality or any other attribute. We urge you to inform yourself of all residential treatment options before narrowing down your search.



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