Angelus House at Wellspring

A women's clinical residential treatment and transition program in northwest Connecticut.

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Since 1977, Angelus House at Wellspring has offered hope and healing through relational approaches for young adult women struggling with mental illness. The Wellspring Foundation is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the State of Connecticut.

Multiple locations available. See Angelus House's website for more information.

Program type:  Clinical residential Location:  Bethlehem, CT Environment:  Comfortable singles and doubles in a residential home Number of residents:  10 Gender:  Female Ages:  18+
Conditions treated include:
Bipolar Disorder PTSD and other anxiety disorders Borderline Personality Disorder and other personality disorders Attention disorders Eating disorders Mood Disorders OCD and related disorders Substance use Disorder in partial remission
Services include:
Individual therapy Family therapy Group and expressive therapies Art therapy DBT CBT Recreation therapy Culinary program Adventure program Land and animal program Yoga and meditation AA and 12-step program Psychiatric assessment and medication monitoring Nutrition assessment Individualized treatment planning Discharge planning Transition/step-down program Fully accredited private high school College transition services

A History of Success in Treating Women with Mental Illness

Located in beautiful northwest Connecticut, Angelus House is the adult residential treatment program of The Wellspring Foundation—serving young adult women with mental illness for over 40 years. The small residential community, with a maximum of 10 residents, creates a family environment that can serve as an often-needed step between hospital and home or independent living

Angelus House has a history of success treating women struggling with a variety of psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, major depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, personality disorders including borderline personality disorder, eating disorders as well as those who are dually diagnosed with substance abuse in partial remission.

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A Relational Treatment Model

The therapeutic approach employed at Angelus House is based on the belief that beneath each person’s sadness, anger, pain, and stress lies an injured self that lacks the foundation of trust necessary for building healthy relationships. Our relational treatment model addresses injuries with both nurturance and structure to reactivate each person’s ability to grow in a meaningful way. Angelus House offers a comprehensive treatment program which supports individuals in an intensive treatment process that works to restore themselves and their relationships.

A Multidisciplinary Residential Treatment Team

The multi-disciplinary treatment team at Angelus House includes a Psychiatrist, Nurse, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Substance Abuse Counselors, and Milieu Counselors. These mental health professionals work with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan to address specific needs and goals. Work on these goals is carried out through a wide range of individual and group therapies, work and animal programs with an emphasis on the emotional and creative-expressive modalities.

A Focus on Relationship, Community, and Mutual Support

At Angelus House, we strive to help each individual to develop the maximum independence possible. We place an emphasis on creating and maintaining a residential treatment environment that is respectful of self and others. A strong emphasis on community plays a key role in our treatment. This focus on the residential community places each individual at the center of a common experience. Mutual support, combined with attentive, individualized treatment , helps our clients  transform their lives.

Angelus House integrates intensive clinical therapies with organic gardening, culinary, land and animal programs. These activities are designed to rebuild the body while nurturing the mind and spirit and restoring people to wholeness.

Transition to Greater Independence

As a person stabilizes and strengthens, treatment at Angelus House shifts to a more transition-oriented program. Together, we create a discharge plan that meets the individualized needs of each client. This critical process ensures a successful as well a functional and meaningful return to life with family or independent living.

The Joint Commission National Quality Approval seal
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