Hundred Acre Homestead

Residential treatment and care for adults with mental illness on a farm in Central Vermont.

Fence and field in mist at Hundred Acre Homestead in Worcester, VT Woman painting a picture at Hundred Acre Homestead Alpacas at Hundred Acre Homestead in Worcester, VT
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In our small, structured residential community, adults with mental health challenges move through a program of work and activities intimately connected to seasonal change—including daily life skills, organic gardening, animal husbandry, art, music, meditation, and yoga. The program is designed for people who wish to transition back to independent living.

Program types:  Group residential, Farm/work-based Location:  Worcester, VT Environment:  Private rooms in a residential home Number of residents:  8 Gender:  All Ages:  18+
Conditions treated include:
Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia Schizoaffective disorder Depression Obsessive compulsive disorder Asperger’s disorder Traumatic brain injury Other psychological or emotional imbalances
Services include:
Individualized treatment planning Clinical therapy on and off premises Therapeutic mentors available 24/7 Art and music therapy Group mindfulness discussions Medication management Clinical leveling system Adjunct psychiatrist and psychologist Optional aftercare support

Gaining Insight, Restoring Mental and Emotional Stability

Set on a panoramic hilltop overlooking Vermont’s Worcester Mountain Range, Hundred Acre Homestead offers personalized residential care.  Our program, which is small by design, enables individuals to learn how to live a productive, purposeful life while managing their mental and emotional challenges.

Our Family Embracement ~ Healing Steps Recovery Program focuses on self-discovery and rebuilding life skills to provide people in need of mental health care with a greater sense of independence. Our staff members provide support that gives adults with mental illness a greater sense of purpose, motivation, and authenticity. Hundred Acre Homestead is licensed by the State of Vermont as a Therapeutic Community Residence.

A monarch butterfly at Hundred Acre Homestead A man relaxes on the porch at Hundred Acre Homestead
Rainbow and fall foliage at Hundred Acre Homestead in Worcester, VT

Holistic Model of Wellness

The Homestead’s Holistic Model of Wellness is founded upon two basic principles:

  1. All living things participate in a natural order. Everything grows and evolves in cycles. Gaining insight and finding stability with a mental illness can be achieved when an individual recovers their connection to that natural order, and finds their purpose within it.
  2. Helping means respect and support. To help an individual who is suffering with mental illness, one must meet that individual where they are, help them to define their own model of a healthy and purposeful life, and walk beside them on their path to insight and stability.

Based upon this model, our program consists of six integrated components:

  • Mind (mental health and emotional well-being)
  • Body (physical well-being)
  • Spirit (spiritual understanding)
  • Interdependence (community living)
  • Independence (personal responsibility)
  • Celebration (learning to live in gratitude)
Sunset view and cape house at Hundred Acre Homestead Lilies and bard at Hundred Acre Homestead

Fulfilling Work That Promotes Independence

As residents work and live on The Homestead, they engage in a deep and rewarding practice designed to stabilize their mental health and build the skills and insight they need to live a more active, fulfilling and independent life. The practice includes life skills such as self-care and personal hygiene; the cultivation of insight and self-reflection; creative expression through art and music; physical health through activity and an organic and whole-food diet; and replacing destructive habits with healthy coping strategies.

Residents participate in daily chores and activities that include caring for their personal space and the shared community spaces, growing organic vegetables and helping to care for our sheep, alpaca and house cat. Fall and winter activities include apple and wild blueberry picking, gathering firewood, snow removal, snow shoeing, sledding, and cross-country skiing. As residents move in harmony with the seasons, they cultivate positive, healthy feelings; build motivation; develop a sense of purpose; and experience the personal pride that comes with true accomplishment.

The healing environment of Hundred Acre Homestead respects the personal goals of each individual as they learn and grow in a small, structured, family environment. The practical experiences, peer interactions and life-lessons that our residents experience as a part of every day on the farm will support their wellness for a lifetime.

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