Lakewood Center

Long-term residential treatment for adults with chronic mental illnesses near Orlando, Florida.

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Lakewood Center is a residential treatment community offering long-term care for adults ages 21-60 who are in need of mental health treatment. It is located on a beautiful 15-acre campus in Fern Park, Florida.

Program type:  Group residential Location:  Fern Park, FL, near Orlando Environment:  Therapeutic Community with apartment and dormitory-style residences on campus Number of residents:  50 Gender:  All Ages:  21-60
Conditions treated include:
Schizophrenia Bipolar disorder Major depression Spectrum disorder

Lakewood is not a substance abuse treatment facility.

Services include:
24-hour staff, but we do not continuously monitor residents Crisis management Supportive counseling Medication monitoring Case management Assistance with budgeting Individualized treatment planning Coordination of doctor appointments Fitness program with professional trainers Monthly community meeting Daily therapy groups Psych-ed groups Therapeutic work program Instructional computer class Current events, weekly art class, music appreciation Yoga, basketball, swimming, volleyball, boating Community outings to the beach, parks, museums, attractions and special events Annual Caribbean cruise

A History of Compassionate Care for the Mentally Ill

Lakewood Center is part of the La Amistad Foundation, an organization founded in 1970 as a halfway house for adults with schizophrenia. (La Amistad means “friendship” in Spanish.) Over the years, La Amistad grew into a residential mental health treatment community and in 1988 had shifted its focus to providing quality long-term care for adults with chronic mental illness. Lakewood Center opened a year later and has been providing a comfortable home and a broad variety of mental health services to people in need of long-term mental health care.

Cypress Apartments at the Lakewood Center The Lakeside Cafe at the Lakewood Center

Supportive Mental Health Treatment Services

At Lakewood Center, our trained 24-hour staff provide a wide range of psychiatric care services along with recreational opportunities, wellness programs and a therapeutic work program. Our programs vary in the degree of structure and supervision to meet the specific emotional, social, and physical needs of the residents.

Our services include group therapy, crisis counseling, medication monitoring, and individualized treatment planning to help our residents manage the symptoms of mental illness so they can enjoy life to the fullest. The primary goal of our voluntary Therapeutic Work Program is to involve our residents in meaningful work on campus, thus improving the quality of their lives. Lakewood also teaches the benefits of volunteerism and offers volunteer opportunities on campus as well as selecting community projects that match their talents and interests.

The fitness center at Lakewood Lakewood Center gazebo
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