Menninger Clinic Pathfinder Program

An intensive residential treatment community in Houston, Texas for adults with mental illness.

Young man and woman biking at the Menninger Clinic's Pathfinder Program in Houston, TX Indoor climbing wall at the Menninger Clinic's Pathfinder program Sitting area outside the apartements at Menninger Clinic's Pathfinder program
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Menninger’s Pathfinder provides intensive community re-integration treatment with supportive apartment living for mentally ill adults 18 and older who need help translating insight into action, and creating a life worth living.

Program type:  Apartment-based Location:  Houston, TX Environment:  Apartments in one of Houston’s most desirable, walkable neighborhoods Number of residents:  Up to 30 Gender:  All Ages:  18+
Conditions treated include:
Depression Bipolar disorder Anxiety Personality disorders Addiction or substance use Asperger’s syndrome
Services include:
Psychosocial rehabilitation Programming that addresses life, interpersonal, and mentalizing skills Group psychotherapy Dialectical behavioral therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy Substance abuse counseling and 12-step groups Weekly individual and family therapy Case management Individual recovery plans Individualized educational assistance Supported-employment model Career assessments and vocational evaluations Internship, work, and volunteer experiences Group and individual wellness activities Group social events

Greater Support Than Traditional Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

We offer adults with mental illness effective psychiatric rehabilitation within an environment that is less structured than a hospital, but provides more support than traditional outpatient services.

Residents live in community-based apartments, with support from bachelor-degree-prepared resident advisors. A three to six-month stay provides adequate time to develop and master skills and competence in daily living necessary to live more independently.

A client reads a book in the day area of the Menninger Clinic's Pathfinder program Living room in an apartment at the Menninger Clinic's Pathfinder program

A Personalized Approach to Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Pathfinder offers a personalized approach to inpatient psychiatric care. We help adults who need psychiatric help create positive building blocks for recovery by:

  • Identifying the barriers that keep them from succeeding
  • Developing coping skills that can overcome these barriers
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Learning new skills
  • Working or volunteering
  • Socializing
  • Continuing mental health treatment that can help them to live more independently
Bedroom in an apartment at the Menninger Clinic's Pathfinder program A client at the Menninger Clinic's Pathfinder program at a concert in the park

A Blueprint for Recovery from Mental Illness

At Pathfinder, each client works with our clinical team to develop an individual blueprint for treatment, recovery, and life. The plan contains goals, responsibilities, and psychiatric services that support continued progress toward independent living. Residents in recovery from substance use also receive counseling from a licensed addiction counselor and attend 12-step meetings at Pathfinder and in the community.

A former Pathfinder client explained her transformation: “Today is the first anniversary since I left Pathfinder. My first thought when I woke up this morning was ‘wow, how far I’ve come!’ I am grateful to the team at Menninger who guided me, to peers who supported me, to the friends who stood by me, to life for being so awe-inspiring when you believe in it and to myself for having found the strength to flourish. The last few months have been the happiest in my life.”

Entrance to the Menninger Clinic Group meeting at the Menninger Clinic

Award-winning Facilities in a Desirable Houston Neighborhood

Pathfinder is located in one of Houston’s most walkable and desirable urban neighborhoods, which is just about a 10-minute drive from The Menninger Clinic. For 26 straight years, Menninger was named one of the nation’s best for psychiatry by U.S. News & World Report. It is the first free-standing psychiatric facility in the world (2008-current) to receive Pathway to Excellence recognition for its quality of psychiatric nursing.

2015-2016 Best Hospitals award for Psychiartry The Joint Commission National Quality Approval seal
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