Spruce Mountain Inn

Clinical residential mental health treatment and transitional living for young adults in central Vermont.

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Spruce Mountain Inn provides intensive mental health treatment for young adults ages 18-27. We help our residents restore their mental health, increase their confidence, and create a brighter future.

Program type:  Clinical residential Location:  Plainfield, VT Environment:  Single and double rooms and supported apartments in a small community Number of residents:  15-20 Gender:  All Ages:  18-27
Conditions treated include:

Mental health issues impacting mood, relationships, and daily affairs and sometimes co-occurring substance use and/or other addictive related compulsive behavior.

Services include:
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Experiential & expressive arts therapies Mindfulness-based therapy and related mindfulness tools Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Neuropsychiatric/neuroplasticity resident education and tools Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and other trauma-informed therapies Recovery and 12-Step related addictions counseling Academic and/or employment supports Yoga class Outdoor and adventure-based recreation Supported volunteerism Health and wellness psycho-education groups Independent living skills seminars Trek Program

A History of Care for Young Adults with Mental Illness

Located in the countryside just ten minutes from Vermont’s capital, Spruce Mountain Inn has provided compassionate, client-driven residential mental health care since 1983. One of America’s oldest and most respected residential treatment programs for mental health treatment, Spruce Mountain has helped hundreds of young people embark on pathways of self-discovery that have restored their mental health, created a stronger sense of self, and helped them prepare for a richer, more independent future.

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Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Mental Health Resources

Spruce Mountain’s comprehensive mental health treatment program is specifically modeled to serve young adults with mental health issues. We specialize in providing rehabilitation for mental health disorders that impact mood and make it difficult to manage daily affairs, live independently, and achieve career and educational goals. We also provide specialized treatment to individuals with mental health issues related to a history of trauma.

Unlike many other residential treatment programs, Spruce Mountain does not treat mental health issues in a vacuum. Instead, we address our residents’ mental health needs using an interdisciplinary team approach. In addition to treatment for psychological issues, we offer numerous opportunities for social and community engagement, independent living skill development, and career and educational planning and supports.

Meaningful Community Integration and Step Down Housing

Residents of Spruce Mountain enjoy a wide range of recreational, educational, and vocational opportunities. Vermont’s wild places include thousands of acres for hiking, skiing, cycling, and swimming in lakes and ponds. Montpelier, Vermont’s capital, offers dining, theater, movies, shopping, and numerous opportunities for community volunteering, employment, and Community College of Vermont.

This community integration gives our clients a meaningful chance to practice living well and managing “regular” life at the same time. As residents’ mental health stabilizes and they build skills, they have an opportunity to progress through our “step-down” housing continuum. Options here include on-site staffed apartments, group housing five minutes from campus, and supported living in the community.

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Evidence-Based Approaches to Treatment

Our exceptional interdisciplinary staff team employs  evidence-based approaches to individual and group therapy. Our residents enjoy numerous opportunities for outdoor and experiential activities, as well as structured skills-based and psycho-education groups.

Spruce Mountain offers a low staff-to-resident ratio and intimate program size. This combination helps to create an intentional supportive community that helps the young adults in our care to thrive. Our alumni frequently report that this supportive community played a key role in the restoration of their mental health and the personal progress they made in their educations, their job searches, and their quest for greater independence.

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Is Spruce Mountain Right for You?

Spruce Mountain Inn welcomes young adults with mental health issues and their families to consider our program. Contact us to inquire about space availability, or to arrange a visit. We would be happy to hear from you! Please note that we cannot accept people with a thought disorder such as schizophrenia or who have a history of anti-social, aggressive, or assaultive behavior, or who have cognitive disabilities.

Spruce Mountain Inn was the winner of the 2013 Woodbury Award for Excellence in Education for consistently strong outcomes with high-risk youth/young adults. We are licensed for residential mental health treatment by the State of Vermont Agency of Human Services.

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