Residential treatment for men experiencing mental illness, with or without co-occurring substance use, located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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With outcomes published in an international journal, WestBridge is leading the way in effective treatment. We treat each individual using multiple simultaneous evidence based practices.

Program type:  Clinical residential Location:  Manchester, NH Environment:  Double and Single bedrooms in a restored Victorian residence Number of residents:  12 Gender:  Male Ages:  18+
Conditions treated include the following, with or without co-occurring substance use:
Thought Disorders (including Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder) Mood Disorders (including Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder) Anxiety Disorders Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Services include:
Elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Medication management Assertive Community Treatment Family Education and Support Wellness Modified Therapeutic Community Motivational interviewing Vocational Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to compassionately provide mental health and substance use treatment to individuals and their families. We incorporate evidence-based practices to promote resiliency and lifelong recovery.

Family Founded, Licensed and Accredited

WestBridge was family founded in 2001, and is a non-profit organization supporting the long-term recovery of adult men and their families experiencing mental illness (often thought and mood disorders), with or without co-occurring substance use. Our residential program is licensed in New Hampshire for both mental health and substance use disorder treatment. We have been accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International) since 2010.

Evidence-Based Mental Health and Substance Use Residential Treatment for Men

Men treated at WestBridge are those with serious mental illness, with or without co-occurring substance use. Most of our participants have previously experienced multiple hospitalizations and treatment episodes, employment disruption, family distress, and/or legal involvement and have been unable to sustain recovery prior to WestBridge. WestBridge promotes long-term recovery through evidence-based practices with proven track records. They include Medication Management, Medication Assisted Treatment, Stages of Change, Individual and Group Sessions, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Biofeedback Therapy, Elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Wellness, Mutual Support, and others. For men who do not have a co-occurring disorder, we focus on substance use disorder prevention, given the high prevalence of men with mental illness who use substances and are at risk for addiction. With the application of multiple simultaneous evidence based practices, along with the right team, men can, and do, recover.

Published Study and Outcomes

Our independently verified treatment outcomes are published in a peer reviewed professional journal. The study concluded that individuals with co-occurring disorders who engaged in services for at least one year benefitted substantially and were in recovery across various domains, including level of functioning, family relationship status, housing stability, educational and employment activities, and mental health and substance use disorder management. These factors are integrated into the WestBridge model of care. Meaningful validation of our treatment comes also directly from testimonials of the men who have succeeded in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and from families who have entered their own healing and recovery.

Family Education and Support

Unique to our organization, both family and community are included throughout treatment. Family participation, education, and support are critical to the process and all are consistently shown to aid in the individual‘s and family’s successful recovery. We embrace families, helping them to learn, communicate and become trusting partners in recovery. We meet people where they are in their recovery, regardless of the stage of change they are in. This includes those who may not yet recognize the severity of their illnesses. Our Admissions Team specializes in supporting families and individuals in taking the first steps towards recovery.

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Community Integration in an Urban Environment

Our residential treatment program is a safe, home-like environment offering a unique healing atmosphere for evaluation, treatment, and support. Our vibrant, urban location offers multiple post-secondary schools, employment and volunteer opportunities participants can connect with once stabilized. We are in Manchester, New Hampshire, 15 minutes from the Manchester Regional Airport, and 1 hour from Boston, MA.

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Our Skilled Team Believes in Recovery

Our clinical staff includes psychiatry providers, nurses, counselors, care managers, a vocational specialist, mentors and an alumni coordinator. All are dedicated to helping the participants live full lives. Ultimately, our goal is to help men and their families learn to manage both their symptoms of mental illness and substance use  so that they are able to pursue, and succeed in achieving, their life goals. For participants and their families, we provide more than treatment…WestBridge provides hope.

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If you are seeking treatment for mental illness, with or without co-occurring use for yourself, or someone you love, or someone you are working behalf of, we encourage you to contact us at 1-800-889-7871 or explore our site.

WestBridge is CARF accredited (since 2010) and a NAADAC approved education provider.

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