CooperRiis Healing Community

CooperRiis Healing Community

Contact information:
Marlena Warren, Admissions Director 828.894.7140
Toll Free: 800.957.5155
Fax: 828.894.7111

Physical addresses:
Farm Campus: 101 Healing Farm Lane, Mill Spring, NC 28756
Urban Campus: 85 Zillicoa Street, Asheville, NC 28801
Mailing Address: PO Box 400, Mill Spring, NC 28756


Social Media:
Facebook: (@CooperRiiss)

CooperRiis Healing Community in Western North Carolina
CooperRiis is a place where individuals, 18 and older, with a mental health challenge or emotional distress learn new ways to gain coping skills, become independent and at tain fulfillment in life through a comprehensive program that addresses mind, body, spirit and heart.

Whole person care in a community setting is what we have found to be the most powerful and effective way to address challenging mental health issues. CooperRiis offers person-centered, strength-based care to support adults who struggle with schizophrenia, schizoaffective-disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression, including borderline personality disorder. Many also have a history of addiction. Through hope and healing, we empower residents to take ownership of their recovery with the goal of achieving a healthy and lasting reintegration into society. Our approach is not based on quick fixes or easy solutions, but grounded in fundame ntal science and the proven healing power of community.

One Powerful Program. Two Campuses.
Located in the scenic mountains of western North Carolina, individuals are given the choice to begin their journey of recovery at one of two primary campuses. The Ashev ille, NC campus is located in the historic neighborhood of Montford and serves 24 res idents. The Mill Spring, NC campus serves 36 residents and is located 45 minutes south of Asheville on a 94-acre working farm. Both campuses offer similar support, programming and staffing.

An important feature of the CooperRiis approach is our community work and service program. Our residents spend 20 hours a week working at a task that is vital to the community... awakening each morning to a world that needs their contribution. Regardless of our challenges, we all benefit from a sense of purpose. We know that social engagement heals. We know that being part of a community heals. And we know that healing does not happen in isolation.

The clinical and holistic activities are also an essential component of our recovery model. Residents participate in evidence-based programing, which includes individual and group therapy, psychiatry, psychopharmacology and neuro-enhancement.
Current research into the origins of mental health conditions has helped us understand the additional benefits of integrative interventions such as targeted nutrition, exercise and mindfulness-based practices.

CooperRiis Community Program.
Recovery is a process, with each new step building on the last. Following a stay at our Asheville or Mill Spring campus, many residents benefit from our landmark Community Programs. Living in one of our 12 homes, residents move at their own pace towards independence putting into daily practice the tools and skills they've gained. Residents who choose to continue their recovery in our Community Program typically stay for up to 12 months.

Costs and Scholarships
Residency at the Mill Spring or Asheville campus is $18,500 per month for each of the first two months. This fee includes everything except psychiatry, outside physician fees, medications, supplements, transportation fees and spending money. As of the third month families may request a fee reduction based on financial need. Monthly fees for residents in our Community Program range from $8,900 to $2,000 per month, depending on the level of support. CooperRiis has partnered with SJ Health Insurance Advocates (SJHIA) to obtain reimbursement for services provided.

Please visit our website or give us a call to discuss any questions you might have.

Licensed by North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services