CooperRiis Healing Community

Address: 101 Healing Farm Lane, Mill Spring, North Carolina 28756
Phone: (800) 957-5155 , Fax: (828) 894-7111

Contact person: Marlena Warren Admissions Director

CooperRiis is a non-profit healing community serving the needs of 110 residents supported by 150 caring staff and their families.

Here you will find: an active and supportive environment for those recovering from mental health challenges or emotional distress. Relationship, building upon strengths and wellness of mind, body, and spirit are our way of life.

Philosophy and Conceptual Models: Our program is based on the recovery concepts of enhanced mental health recovery. Via the supportive, therapeutic milieu where staff and residents live, work, and grow together, we strive for optimal health for all. In addition to nutrition, and exercise, we add the best of modern psychiatry, psychology, substance abuse counseling, complementary modalities, and a work and service program. Through person-centered planning, each resident and their family are encouraged to join the recovery process. Outcomes and results are tracked across the Seven Domains® of Recovery.

CooperRiis Healing Community recognizes that recovery is individualized:
• Each resident begins their recovery journey with CooperRiis at one of our two main campuses: the Farm campus in Mill Spring, NC or 85Z in Asheville, NC. The typical stay lasts 6-9 months.

• Once a resident has completed their time at the main campus and is ready to live more independently, he/she have the option to transition to our Community Program in the Mill Spring Tryon or the Asheville areas. The typical length of stay there is 6 months at each of three levels of supportive care.

• Beyond our residential services, we offer non-residential support to those wishing to live and work independently in the nearby area. Once you are a member of the CooperRiis community, you are always a member. Former residents are encouraged to maintain a connection by visiting for holidays or events or by coming back for a social respite stay.

Who Are Our Residents: CooperRiis accommodates residents who are 18 years of age or above and who are willing and able to participate in the program. Residents range from the students, teachers and homemakers to professionals such as doctors, dentists, or lawyers. Typical diagnoses include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, major depression or anxiety disorders. Some residents experience borderline personality disorder, and half may have a history of substance abuse or addiction. The ‘first episode’ college student may use CooperRiis for a Gap Semester and learn how to avoid a lifetime of mental health challenges. A person who has faced multiple mental health challenges may also use CooperRiis to recover his or her dreams and mental health. Our safe environment and the expertise of our therapists combine also to help individuals who have experienced significant trauma.

Costs and Scholarships: Our fee is $15,500 per month with scholarship available after the second month of residency for those who qualify. We offer up to twenty-four months of scholarship through all levels of our programs. Rates are reduced based on the resident’s family’s ability to pay. The Community Programs have lower costs as the resident moves toward greater independence.  We award almost three million dollars in scholarships to over half of our residents each year.  Please also ask us about how we can support you in filing claims with your health insurance provider.

We derive joy by helping foster an environment of hope. The CooperRiis Healing Community is a unique place that affirms strengths and rekindles possibility. It is a place of peace, where our residents rediscover their capacities for creativity, wholeness and relationship.

Virgil Stucker, Executive Director or (828) 899-4673
Marlena Warren, Admissions Director or  (828) 894-7140