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Address: 216 Pasadena Place, Orlando, Florida 32803
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Contact: Jenny Stokes, CTRS

Pasadena Villa - Orlando, FL:
216 Pasadena Place
Orlando, FL 32803

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Experts in Social Integration Based Treatment
As an innovator in mental health residential treatment and transitional services for adults, our internally developed Social Integration Model is the blueprint to an authentic treatment experience used to ensure social and life skills treatment concepts are not only presented and reviewed, but they are experienced, analyzed and processed with professional guidance, and then implemented by residents.

Our mental health professionals work directly with residents. They observe them in actual social situations and incorporate these observations directly into the resident’s ongoing treatment plan.  This individual, real life personalized attention makes the Pasadena Villa treatment experience more appropriate and beneficial for each of our residents, especially when compared to any other available adult residential treatment mental health services.

Residents learn and actively practice what they are taught while in treatment. To accurately understand, apply and retain the skills learned, residents are introduced to actual situations while being accompanied by our licensed professionals to review behaviors and relevant treatment concepts.  Many go from being hesitant and scared to live life, to being excited and ready for a promising new future to begin.

Some of the diagnoses we treat include:
- Schizophrenia
- Bipolar Disorder
- Anxiety Disorders
- Schizo-affective disorder
- Bipolar with Psychosis
- Autism Spectrum Disorders
- Co-occurring Substance Abuse or Addiction

Levels of Care
There are multiple points of entry, and when appropriate, residents may be admitted to any level of care. Also, residents may move between levels of care as progress is made, or when more intensive services are needed, and enjoy a seamless continuity of care.

  • Intensive Residential TreatmentOur most intensive level of care, Intensive Residential Treatment offers a very high staff to resident ratio, 24 hour staffing, and a variety of therapies, education and support in a safe, comfortable environment.

  • Community-Based Residential TreatmentLess intensive residential care provided in gender specific homes within the community. These homes offer some day and nighttime supervision by our staff, but supervision on premises is not provided 24 hours per day. On-call staff are available at all times 24 hr/day 7 days/wk, as well as customized interventions to promote independence and recovery. Residents may participate in programming full-time at Pasadena Villa and/or TLLC during the daytime hours as determined in their individual treatment plans.

  • Day TreatmentDay Treatment is more intensive than outpatient care, but less intensive than our community-based residential treatment. Residents live quasi-independently in their own residences and participate in therapeutic activities during the day and even on weekends. We assist residents with re-integration into the community, including college, the work force, social and interpersonal relations, and a variety of recreational, social and cultural activities.

  • Supported HousingSupported Housing provides a myriad of housing, social and life skills support all designed to promote independence, social integration and the highest levels of personal functioning possible.