Gateway Homes of Greater Richmond


Address: P.O.Box 460, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832
Phone: (804) 767-0292, Fax: (888) 642-0930

Contact: Lynda J. Hyatt, Ph.D. Executive Director

Gateway Homes provides a transitional residential treatment program for adults with mental illness whose goal is to live as independently as possible.  Gateway’s mission is to assist individuals with developing the psychological, social, nutritional, physical, financial, and vocational skills needed to live independently within three years. Under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist, professionally trained staff provide independent living skills training, counseling, and social, psychological, and vocational rehabilitation in a continuum of three residential settings and a large activities center.  Every resident receives at least two hours of individual skills training and counseling and approximately 15 to 20 hours of social, psychological, and vocational rehabilitation each week.

 The first residential setting is a licensed assisted living program providing around the clock supervision and skills training for 15 individuals.  All residents begin their stay in this program.  The second residential setting consists of supervised apartments on campus capable of housing 24 individuals.  In this setting, residents focus on developing the interpersonal, social, financial, and vocational skills needed to live independently in the community.  The third residential setting is independent living in the individual’s community of choice.  After graduating to the community, residents continue to receive supportive counseling, case-management, regularly scheduled home visits, involvement in social activities, and transportation services from Gateway.